Faceless Oasis

by James Vitz-Wong

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All sounds were created and improvised using only bass guitar and contrabass. All looping was done live using Mobius and no additional effects (except for some distortion from lo-fi equipment) and recorded in first takes.

None of the tracks were named before they were recorded - the track titles and consequential stories were conceived after the fact.


released November 21, 2012

James Vitz-Wong, all instruments and sounds and visuals
Mobius (www.circularlabs.com), all looping and effects
Soundleech (www.milosoftware.com/en/index.php?body=soundleech.php), all audio capture
Tascam US-122, interfacing and live mixing for Ducks in a Pond



all rights reserved


James Vitz-Wong Oberlin, Ohio

Bassist, improviser, electroacoustic artist, dancer, sound-designer

from Seattle, WA, currently living in Oberln, OH

contact: jambotvw [at] gmail [dot] com

Also check out my bluegrass/folk roots band!
Going on tour summer 2016
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Track Name: It's Raining, I'm Inside
It was raining, and I wasn't dancing naked in it.
Track Name: Don't Get Lost, pt. I
There is no map to finding yourself.
Track Name: Don't Get Lost, pt. II
There is no map to finding yourself.
Track Name: We Were Able to Activate It
One survivor discovers a Device. Immediately, he contacts his friend, the only other living person he knows. It's been a considerable amount of time since either of them has heard of a working Device, so they doubt it will work. Surprisingly without much effort, the Device powers up! It's green and orange static orbs are ablaze with enough energy to ensure sustenance for at least a year. But something is wrong, and the travelers do not realize it until it's far past the time to save themselves. And the hot, dry ground is very unforgiving.
Track Name: Ducks in a Pond!
Over there!
Track Name: She's There, Waiting For You
for Grandpa (05/23/1919 - 10/01/2012)